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An Introduction to Service-Learning

On 5th February, Dr Jason Ho from the HKBU Centre for Innovative Service-Learning introduced Service-Learning to the students from “Inter-Link”, and briefly talked about how service-learning works better than normal learning modes.

Service-learning is a new teaching mode. The aim is to let students apply what they have learnt in daily work. Take interpreting as an example, students usually practise using existing speeches in  traditional learning modes. We may not be able to interpret for different people in real life. Through service-learning, we can provide interpreting services for different talks and events held on or beyond campus. We will also improve our resilience and accumulate interpreting experience. Besides obtaining better learning experiences, we can also learn to build up good relationships with different relevant organisations, which is beneficial for our future development. In service-learning, service and learning are both important. Through service-learning, we can provide services to others while gaining new knowledge. We can kill two birds in one stone.

Prepared by: Jack Wing Ping LEE

Edited by: Dr. Janice PAN

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