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Inter-Link Members 2022-2023

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Blue Water
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Dr PAN Jun Janice

Interpreting is not just a profession; it can be an art, with dedicated practice and training. We hope to bring a brand new artistic experience to you via interpreting.


CHEUNG Hiu Ching Cody

We are a team with infinite passion and talent. We aim to deliver efficient, accurate and heartfelt interpreting service to our communities. Work the magic !! 


KAN Tsz Ching Venus

I am both detail- and result-oriented. I aspire to facilitate internal communication and serve the community.

Blue Water

LAW Siu Tai Derek
Vice Manager (External)

Acting as a bridge to facilitate communication with clients, I am devoted to becoming a key team player to perform the best interpreting services.


LAU Tsz Ching Janice
Vice Manager (Internal)

I hope to utilise my knowledge to serve the community. Let's have fun on our upcoming interpreting journey!


CHEUNG Oi Lam Kelly

I will proactively engage in the support of other divisions. I aspire to improve our team’s efficiency and to provide better service to the community.

Blue Water

NG Lok Wan Emily
Public Relations

I am a quick-witted and detail oriented publicist. I am dedicated to building connections in the community and assisting in the provision of quality services.


NG Tsit Ue Tracy 
Public Relations

I am passionate about communicating with different people. I strive to build up a connection with the community and help people to keep track of our latest updates!


DONG Ling Yu Lindsey

I create content to connect with and use my knowledge to serve the community.

Blue Water
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LAM Yan Yu Charis

Dedicated to providing professional interpreting services with creativity and care, I strive to assure that the community enjoys a prosperous and harmonious life.

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Tsui Hon Ling Mandy 

The beautiful song played by human is language, which is sophisticated, diverse, unique, communicative and interactive. As an interpreter, I make every effort to cooperate with you, to enrich this melodious song.

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