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Joint Faculty Niche Research Area (FNRA) Symposium of Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences

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On May 11, 2023, the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences of Baptist University jointly organised a symposium Faculty Niche Research Areas, inviting Mr. Hon YIU Pak-leung, MH, and Mr. Edmund TSANG to share their insights on the current state and future development of the tourism industry in Hong Kong, as well as the integration of culture and tourism. Mr. YIU is a functional constituency member of the tourism industry and a council member of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Mr. TSANG, who mentored Mr. YIU at university, has also made significant contributions to the tourism industry over the years.

During the symposium, the two speakers shared their perspectives on the impact of the Greater Bay Area on Hong Kong's cultural tourism industry, as well as the division of labor and cooperation among institutions such as the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Tourism Commission, and the Travel Industry Council. Mr. YIU also provided local examples of the integration of cultural tourism, such as Star Street in Wan Chai, camping and stargazing on Lantau Island, and cultural tourism and Live Action Role Playing (LARP) Games. These examples demonstrated the gradual development and emergence of the cultural tourism industry in Hong Kong. In addition, Mr. TSANG shared how university graduates could help promote Hong Kong's tourism industry through culture, technology, and personal talent.

The symposium  also includes research sharing by professors with different specialties and introduction by representatives of Lenova and Amazon Cloud Computing Services on the latest research tools. After listening to the insightful sharing at the symposium, the audience gained a lot from exploring a fresh perspective on the development of Hong Kong's tourism industry. Our team had the privilege of providing real-time interpretation services in English during the symposium.

Prepared by: Ng Tsit Ue Tracy

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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