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A Garden of Winding Paths, Towards the Autobiography of a Translator


On the 6th April 2023, the Hong Kong Translation Society invited Prof. John Minford to be the guest speaker at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Prof. Minford is a renowned sinologist and literary translator, who is primarily known for his translations of Chinese classics including The Story of Stone, The Art of War, I Ching, Tao Te Ching, and Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio. In this talk, Prof. Minford shared his ongoing work on his forthcoming autobiography, named after his Garden of Winding Paths in New Zealand. The audience benefited a lot from Prof. Minford’s sharing with an increasing understanding of his life. They also seize opportunities to raise questions to Prof. Minford. Whereas Translation Workshop members participated in the co-organising of the event, Inter-Link members were responsible for providing English to Cantonese simultaneous interpreting services during the event. 

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