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Playback Theatre Taster Workshop

截圖 2023-04-16 20.10.45.png

We are honored to invite Ms. Kiki Ng, the co-artistic director of Encounter Playback Theatre, as a guest speaker on March 21, 2023. Ms. Ng has extensive theater experience and she is actively involved in theatre, community arts and education. In this event, Ms. Ng introduced the basic concepts of Playback Theater, and designed different sessions for the participants to experience elements of Playback Theater. Inter-Link members were not only the ones who provided Cantonese and English interpreting services in the workshop, but also participated in it. This activity benefited members a lot.

截圖 2023-04-16 20.16.44.png

Comments from the guest speaker:


“I think interpreters worked very well as a team. Even though I used both Chinese and English in the workshop, students kept a very stable performance when interpreting for the workshop. They were able to convey the content I said!”

Comments from participants:


"I think interpreters are very confident and the interpretation is very smooth!"


“I appreciate that interpreters know exactly when to interpret.”


Reflections and comments by student interpreters:


"This is an interesting experience, which is different from previous events. We were not only interpreters, but also participants in the workshop."


"Playback Theatre is as much the same as interpreting. Both require listening and then performing. Communication is never one-way, it is multidirectional.”


Prepared by: Lau Tsz Ching Janice

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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