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Illuminating Perspectives: A Reflective Journey Through Tuberous  Sclerosis Complex Association of Hong Kong Talk and 3CM Screening


The event featured a talk by the chairperson of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Association of Hong Kong (TSCAHK), who provided valuable insights into the disease and the association's ongoing efforts to support those affected by it. The screening of 3CM, which features stories of families suffering from tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), and the sharing by the director Mr. Wong Siu-pong, were particularly impactful, providing a moving portrayal of the challenges faced by patients and their families.


Feedback from the speakers:


"I was impressed with the level of engagement and interest shown by the student interpreters . They asked thoughtful questions and seemed genuinely invested in learning more about  TSC. It was a pleasure to share my experiences and insights with them, and I hope they find it informative and useful for their future work."


"As a filmmaker, I appreciate the importance of accurate interpretation for conveying a film's message to multilingual audiences. I found it fascinating to see how interpreting students at HKBU tackled the task of interpreting the dialogue and specific terms for 3CM, a film that explores the lives of people with TSC in Hong Kong.

Reflections and comments by student interpreters:

Our students, who were tasked with providing simultaneous interpreting services for the event, were deeply moved by the talk and the film. They worked hard to provide accurate and meaningful interpretations, recognising the importance of conveying the message to a broader audience.


The event left a lasting impression on our students.  This talk left interpreters feeling stunned and moved by the seriousness of the disease and the powerful message conveyed by the association.They expressed their admiration and gratitude towards TSCAHK for their dedication to supporting those affected by the disease. The students also shared how the experience of providing simultaneous interpreting was both challenging and rewarding, as it allowed them to contribute to the cause and gain valuable skills.


The event was a powerful reminder of the importance of creating awareness and support for those affected by TSC. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the TSCAHK for their inspiring work and for allowing us to be a part of their cause. Our students left the event with a renewed commitment to making a positive impact and supporting those in need.



Prepared by: Charis Lam

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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