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About the Criminal Procedure and the Coroner’s Court


It was our pleasure to invite Mr. Lam Kui Po, a retired permanent magistrate, to be our guest speaker on 7th March 2023. Mr. Lam used to prosecute approximately 15 High Court jury trials and 30 appeals every year, prosecuting cases of murder, manslaughter, illegal ammunition, large quantities of dangerous drugs, armed robbery as well as lesser offences. By sharing his experience, Mr. Lam offered us a glimpse into the criminal procedure and the scope of work of a coroner in Hong Kong. Inter-Link members were responsible for providing Cantonese/English simultaneous interpreting services during the event. We were also honoured to have the presence of Mr. Tsang Man Seng, a retired senior court interpreter, who acted as discussant of the event and provided valuable feedback on our interpreting services. Instead of merely interpreting from one language into another, the event served a great step for us to act as a bridge to link up people in the community. 


Comments from the speaker and the discussant:


“The event was enjoyable for both the audience and myself. The performance of student interpreters and the setting of the interpreting laboratory impressed me the most.” – Mr. Lam Kui Po, speaker of the sharing


“I found most impressive was the English-to-Chinese interpreting. Interpreting legal terminology is very difficult but students could perform quite satisfactorily in this event.”


     – Mr. Tsang Man Seng, discussant and advisor of the sharing

Comments from participants:


“I found most impressive was the quick interpreting.” – Participant of the event


“I believe it’s difficult to translate so many legal terms.” – Participant of the event


Prepared by: Cheung Oi Lam Kelly

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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