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Emotions and Traditional Chinese Medicine


As part of the Inter-Link tradition, the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Interpreting Day was once again held on the 28th February 2023 with great success! We were delighted to invite Mr. Cheung Yi Chung, an experienced TCM practitioner, who actively engaged in the promotion and education of the profession for decades, to share his unique insights about the treatment of mental health issues and maintaining mental health from a TCM perspective. He introduced the “Cinema Therapy” to help participants regulate emotions in daily life by watching movies. After the lecture, Mr Cheung provided one-to-one consultation to the invited guests. Inter-Link members were responsible for providing Cantonese to English consecutive interpreting services during the event and the consultation sessions.


Comments from the speaker:


“I have positive feedback on this event. The performance of the interpreters was much better than I expected. I also realised that some terminologies in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be interpreted in simple language, rather than being abstruse.”


           – Mr. Cheung Yi Chung, speaker of the sharing

Comments from participants:


“I think all the interpreters did a very great job! They were professional and dynamic.” – Catherine


“I think it was a really great way to get skills and learn in a real setting.” – Jennifer


“I was impressed by this event since interpreters kept the fluency and spoke clearly as well. They had good team collaboration. Nobody seemed to be nervous. They were professional.” – Robert


“It was great to have interpreters since without their help, I was not able to access the information since I don’t speak Cantonese or Mandarin. It was necessary for me to have interpreters so that I could understand this wonderful talk.” – Marija


“The students were very confident. They were professional.” – Naz


Prepared by: Law Siu Tai Derek

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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