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Essentials of Good Health Communication

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The talk, entitled essentials of Good Health Communication talk was held by Inter-Link and Enter-Link on 21st February 2023. Dr. Jennifer Eagleton, who teaches stylistics and discourse analysis at HKMU and previously taught communication studies at HKU, with her experience as a paramedical professional at significant hospitals in Australia, was invited to speak on the fundamentals of effective health communication. A Q&A session followed the sharing. At the event, Inter-Link members had the privilege of providing consecutive interpreting from English to Cantonese, and the Q&A sessions offered us a fantastic opportunity to learn more about health communication.

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Feedback from the speaker:


"I had a great time at this event, and the interpreting service was really helpful. All of the interpreters were helpful, competent, and successfully communicated the information with ease; they appeared to do an excellent job! The ease with which they switch between languages is astonishing. In the future, I'm happy to recruit Inter-Link interpreters, if needed. 

— Dr. Jennifer Eagleton, guest speaker of the event

Reflections by student interpreters:

“When I initially tried to translate, I was pretty anxious, but with practice, it gets easier and easier.” —Emily 

"I loved the teamwork and the overall event!" — Tracy

“I learned a lot about health communication and really loved it!”— Mandy

“Even though it was difficult, interpreting for the event gave us a priceless opportunity to practise.”— Charis


Prepared by: Mandy Tsui

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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