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Recycling: A Sustainable Business?

On 12th April 2022, Inter-Link has the great pleasure to continue collaborating with the Centre of Innovation Service-Learning (CISL) by providing interpreting services for the 5th event of a series of online seminars, About Entrepreneurship for Social Good: “Recycling: A Sustainable Business?”.  In the event, Inter-Link members provided Cantonese to English simultaneous interpreting for the online seminar by Mr. Harold Yip, the founder of Mil Mill, Hong Kong’s first pulp mill that recycles beverage cartons.


Mr. Harold shared with us an overview of the local recycling industry, his experience of turning waste paper into toilet rolls and paper towels, and the circular economy inside the recycling industry. Apart from sharing important information about the recycling industry to the participants, Mr Harold also conducted an online site tour to show us the daily operation of Mil Mill.


Interpreters’ thought:

The two interpreters were delighted to provide interpretation services for this event. Not only did we have the opportunity to practise our interpreting skills, but we also gained a lot of practical knowledge about the recycling industry in Hong Kong. We have learnt a lot from it!


Prepared by: CHUNG Wai Ha Kate

Edited by: Dr Janice Pan

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