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SIE Fund: Impact Incubator Event

We are honoured to collaborate with the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) again on 7 April 2022 on their Entrepreneurship for Social Good Series, at which we provided Cantonese-to-English simultaneous interpreting. The topic for this webinar was “Securing Funding for Social Enterprises”. 


Miss Jessica Tam, the head of HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC), was the speaker and shared her experience in working in the business field about getting funds for social enterprises. She introduced the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), the SEBC and entrepreneurship. She also explained the differences between social enterprises and general enterprises. Moreover, Jessica talked about the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund (SIE Fund), a funding organisation which provides funding and consultation services for social enterprises that produce social impact and help society improve. Apart from describing how enterprises can get funding successfully, she mentioned the criteria for different stages of enterprises to get funded. Lastly, she encouraged HKBU students to first try out the funding programmes provided by the university so that they can have an early chance to build a start-up. 


This event was successful. The audiences actively participated by putting forward their questions in the chat box after the speaker’s presentation. The interpretation service was also commended by the users. They strongly agreed that the interpreting service provided by Inter-Link was professional and enjoyable. We are glad that it was useful to the audience, and we hope to enhance our skills for future occasions.


Prepared by: Wu Man Yan Evelyn

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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