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My Stories of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Following the tradition, Inter-Link this year held the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Day on 2nd April 2022. We invited Professor HUANG Bin, a Professor of Practice from the School of Chinese Medicine, HKBU, who has been engaged in teaching, clinical practice, and research in TCM for 30 years, to share his experience in TCM and the treatment for frequently-occurred diseases.  He provided online consultation to the invited guests. Inter-Link members were honoured to provide Putonghua to English consecutive interpreting services during the event and the consultation sessions. 


Comments from the speaker:


“I think the students’ interpretation was very helpful to me today, because the content of TCM itself is not easy to translate, and it would be very difficult for me to express myself clearly without their assistance in interpreting my lectures on TCM. So I am very satisfied and happy to have their help today. ” - - - Prof. Huang Bin, speaker of the sharing.


“Thank Janice for inviting me to participate in the TCM Interpreting Day to spread the culture of TCM and share the experience of treating diseases. Subjects relating toTCM are really not easy to translate and gave the students a lot of challenges today, but fortunately, they did well. They deserve some praise!  - - - Prof. Huang Bin, speaker of the sharing.


Comments from participants:

“I really did enjoy it, many thanks! It was super well organised as usual and I thought Professor Huang was a very honest and sincere practitioner. The interpreters did a great job, as did Ruiqi on the front desk!” -- Catherine


“It was very nicely organised. Thanks for inviting me!” – Marija


“I enjoyed it a lot and got some really valuable information. Thanks so much for inviting me 💐♥️” -- Don


“Thank you so much for organising it and inviting me, I really enjoyed it!” -- Fernando


“I found it very enlightening. And congratulations to your students - particularly Vicky and Eddie - for doing such an excellent job!” -- Mark


“It was very good and the students did a very nice job!”

Thanks again for organising it!

-- Robert 


Prepared by: Kuan Chi Hang Eddie

Edited by: Dr Janice Pan

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