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From Social Worker to Social Entrepreneur

On 30 March 2022, Inter-Link had collaborated with the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) of HKBU to organise the fourth highlight event of the Entrepreneurship for Social Good Series: “From Social Worker to Social Entrepreneur”. The aim of the series event is to enlighten students with entrepreneurial and social innovation, and empower them to become real social entrepreneurs in the future. In the event, Inter-Link members provided Cantonese to English simultaneous interpreting service for the online sharing by Ms Swing Lau, an experienced social worker and the founder of the Home Care Apparel Company (HCA). 


Ms Swing Lao shared her experience from being a social worker to a social entrepreneur, and discussed the challenges when it comes to starting a one-man band company. She encouraged participants to join different organisations to have some hands-on experience and provided different channels for the participants to seek funding before starting up a business. Apart from sharing her personal experience, Swing had also led the participants to put themselves into the shoes of the elderly and people with disabilities to design adaptive clothing. Three creative designs of adaptive clothing were made by three groups of participants, who showed their engagement and enthusiasm during the process.


Based on the user feedback, it can be seen that Inter-Link’s online interpreting service is fluent and effective. In the future, we will continuously strike our best to provide high-quality interpreting services in the upcoming events of the above-mentioned series and in the community. 


Participant Comments:


“The fluency and meaning of the interpreting service impress me a lot”

--- Participant of the event


Prepared by: Chau Man Wai, Tiffany

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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