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Social Enterprises in Hong Kong

On 18 March 2022, Inter-Link had continued to collaborate with the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) in providing interpreting service for the second highlight event of the Entrepreneurship for Social Good Series: Social Enterprises in Hong Kong. In this event, founding members of Inter-Link provided Cantonese to English simultaneous interpreting service for the online seminar by Mr. Michael Ip, an Ecosystem Builder (Growth & Talent) at Dream Impact.


Michael shared his experience in running and supporting social start-ups , and introduced innovative down-to-earth business applications for social start-ups. He elaborated on how Dream Impact assists social enterprises to enhance their social impact at different business stages. He also talked about the importance of facilitating the growth of the social enterprise community that relies on close connections of each stakeholder, in which all of us are encouraged to step in and show support to social enterprises. In addition, he concluded his sharing by stressing that you should care more about the impact than the money when committing to join a social enterprise, and the consciousness of making the society a better place. 


Thanks to Michael's entertaining and  informative delivery, the event was a success. The user feedback shows that Inter-Link has again provided high-quality interpreting service. Below are some of the comments from participants: “Interpreter can translate very fast and correctly”,“High quality retour interpreting”


Prepared by: Chan Kwan Yi Fanny

Edited by: Dr Janice Pan

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