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The Art of Failure: Learning Entrepreneurial Spirits from Unsuccessful Startups

Inter-Link has the great pleasure to collaborate with Centre for Innovative Service-Learning (CISL) of HKBU on 9 March 2022, in providing Cantonese to English simultaneous interpreting service for the online sharing by Mr Felix Lio, a serial entrepreneur and an experienced angel investor. The topic of the talk is The Art of Failure: Learning about Entrepreneurial Spirit from Unsuccessful Startups. It is the first highlight event of the About Entrepreneurship for Social Good Series organised by CISL’s TriAngle team. The series events aim to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of students, encourage students  to seek social innovations, and empower them to be the future social entrepreneurs. Speakers with diverse expertises are invited to share their experience and impart knowledge to interested students and staff. 


Mr Felix Lio shared his valuable experience of building his own business and witnessing others’ failure, and discussed factors that lead to unsuccessful start-up companies. He gave his words of wisdom to participants, encouraging them to find the edge and channel the efforts into correct aspects whenever they have a business idea to pitch. He also emphasised on transparent communication between investors and entrepreneurs. The event was a huge success thanks to the engagement of all attendees.


In view of the current pandemic situation, Inter-Link’s online interpreting service has proven to be effective and of great help to English speaking participants. We have received positive feedback from both users and organisers. In addition, we will continue to serve for the following events of the above-mentioned series.


Comments on our interpreting service:


“Basically it is essential for me because it allows me to attend workshops in Cantonese” --- Participant of the event


“It’s so nicely and professionally done! Thank you for the effort to promote inclusion and diversity in students’ activities.”--- Dr Jason Ho, Senior Service-Learning Consultant of CISL


“Great work! Thank you so much, Vincent, Fanny, Janice and Inter-Link colleagues!” --- Dr Lisa Lam, Director of CISL


Prepared by: Chan Kwan Yi Fanny

Edited by: Dr Janice Pan

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