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A Sharing Session by 2020-2021 Inter-Link Members

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The new company structure of Inter-Link (2021-22) was confirmed on 21 January 2022. This year, the company revised the structure and added new posts including Secretary and General Officer.


On 28th January, three Inter-Llink members from the previous year shared their experience in the company on Zoom. They described the difficulties they encountered and the way they tackled the problems. 


The three members of the founding team, Clare Chin, Melody Mak and Henrietta Yau, first introduced themselves and exchanged greetings with current members. 


Melody, who had been the previous PR, described what she was responsible for. Some of her duties included updating Facebook and Instagram posts, sending invitation emails to clients and preparing souvenirs were some of her duties. Last Lunar New Year, she posted photos with of a bilingual glossary with vocabulary related to the Chinese New Year on the Instagram page of InterlinkInter-Link. As it was a creative idShe suggested the company keep this creative idea and turn it into a it to be a tradition for Interlink every year.  


Clare stated a difficulty they had to overcome last year was the division of labour. Since Inter-Link members are responsible for both organising interpreting events and providing interpreting services, on some occasions they previous members were overloaded with duties and the interpreting duration between members were sometimes uneven. This was solved by deciding on everyone’s time slots beforehand, so as to make the rundown smoother. 

Members of the last year also emphasised on teamwork. Compiling a glossary list together was a useful tactic for easing real-time pressure in interpreting. For current members, they pointed out that a foreseeable difficulty for online interpreting

would be that students may have to do the work alone instead of pairing up with others, making the workload bigger. 


Members from the previous year are also invited to join the activities to be held this year, such as guest talks and the role-play performance day by the new Inter-Link teamstudents.

Prepared by: Wu Man Yan Evelyn 

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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