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Interpreting in Medical settings

The talk “Interpreting in Medical Settings” was successfully conducted on 19th February 2021. Ms. See, a professional medical interpreter with more than 10 years’ work experience shared about her interpreting and translation experience in the healthcare industry.


Ms. See introduced the challenges in the face of COVID-19. She also discussed the differences  of serving different departments in hospitals, as well as strategies to deal with unfamiliar medical terms and maintain a connection with the patients. She shared her passion for serving minorities and people in need. She concluded medical interpreting was her job as well as a service after a result of years of frontline work.


Interlink was given the privilege of providing interpreting service for this event. Our interpreters played a fundamental role in interlinguistic exchanges at the sharing and contributed to the success of the event. 

Prepared by: Annie Hiu Laam CHAN

Edited by: Dr. Janice PAN 

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