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Literature, Language, and Translation: A Publisher's Perpective

Interlink has the great pleasure to work with Translation Workshop, its sister Workshop (, which invited the experienced book publisher, Dr. Gillian Barbara Bickley to share her insight into the local book publishing industry on 3rd March 2021. Even though the event was conducted on Zoom, this did not quench our curiosity about the industry and enthusiasm for local English literature. Dr. Bickley shared her valuable experience in running the book publishing company, Proverse (文韻), which was founded by her and her husband Dr. Verner Bickley. The interaction between Dr. Bickley and student translators of Proverse books has elevated the discussion to a new level! Together with the full engagement of our students, the event turned out to be a phenomenal success!


Comments from participants:


“This is a meaningful event. The event can effectively help the Interlink members to polish their interpreting skills. All of us benefited a lot from this experience.”--- HE Hao Shen


"The work is much appreciated. I treasure my participation."

--- Dr. Gillian Bickley


Prepared by: Chan Chak Hong

Edited by: Dr. Janice Pan

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