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English-Cantonese Simultaneous Interpretation provided for Mind HK Online Event

Along with WHO’s World Mental Health day theme, Mind HK held a Zoom panel discussion named “Making Mental Health a Priority in Hong Kong '' on 13 October 2022. Inter-Link was invited to provide English-Cantonese simultaneous interpreting service for the event to help people in Hong Kong to better understand mental health and the stigma associated with it.


The event was moderated by Dr. Candice Powell, the Chief Executive Officer of Mind HK, who raised questions to the panel regarding mental health in Hong Kong. The panel consisted of three other speakers, Dr. Pamela Tin, the Head of Healthcare and Social Development Research of Our Hong Kong Foundation, Dr. Timothy Woo, Wellness Response Partner of Meta, and Annissa, Mind HK Ambassador. During the discussion, several practical suggestions about how mental health could be given a higher priority in the workplace were put forward, and speakers put forward  suggestions backed up by research in their respective fields.


Annissa, Mind HK Ambassadoralso generously shared with the audience stories of her journey dealing with mental disorders. She pointed out that it was fine to return to rehabilitation and counselling after stopping for a while. It should  not be counted as failure as it was normal to have ups and downs in our lives.


To conclude, the event successfully raised  awareness of mental health in Hong Kong and provided useful tips for different settings so that mental health could be treated asa priority.

Prepared by: Wu Man Yan Evelyn

Edited By: Dr. Janice Pan


Link to the event page:


Feedback from participants:  Many thanks to Fanny and Evelyn for last night’s impressive simultaneous translation. 

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